Personal Fee Schedule

Effective September 6, 2019

Account Fees  
Insufficient Funds Fee - Paid (Overdraft Fee) 32.00
Insufficient Funds Fee - Returned (Returned Item Fee) 32.00
Unavailable Funds Fee 32.00
Stop Payment 32.00
Inactive Checking Account Monthly Fee
(After 6 months on accounts with balances less than $100.00)


Excess Transaction Fee (Statement Savings)* 10.00 per item over 6
Excess Transaction or Check Fee (Money Markets)* 10.00 per item over 6
New Account Closed within 6 months 10.00
Lost Passbook 20.00
IRA Transfer Fee 30.00
Retirement Plan Fee, per Plan 12.00

* Limited to 6 transfers per month by preauthorized, automatic, telephone, or computer transfer, or by check, draft, or similar order.

ATM/MasterMoney® Card Services  
Athol Savings Bank ATM withdrawals and/or balance inquiries Free
Non-Athol Savings Bank ATM withdrawals and/or balance inquiries* 1.00
Point-of-Sale transactions Free
Replacement Cards 20.00
Rush Replacement Card 35.00

*First 5 free per statement cycle. ATM owner surcharge may apply.

Cash Reserve Services  
OD Protection Transaction Fee
(Automatic Transfer Protection from savings)
Overdraft Protection Annual Fee 32.00
Online Banking and Bill Pay  
Online Banking Free
Bill Pay Free
Money Orders 5.00
Treasurer/Bank Check 5.00
Certified Check 32.00
Funds Transfers  
Domestic Wire, incoming 15.00
Domestic Wire, outgoing 25.00
Foreign Wires, all 50.00
Canadian Check Fee (per item) 21.00
Canadian Check Return Fee (per item) 25.00
Foreign Check Fee (per item)* 35.00 - 80.00
Foreign Check Return Fee (per item) 40.00

*Fee applies to Canadian currency checks, U.S. dollar checks drawn on Canadian Banks and U.S. dollar checks drawn on banks in:  United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Japan. All other items are subject to an $80 fee.

Collection Item 25.00
Deposited/Cashed Item Returned 7.50
Tax Levy 75.00
Account Research 25.00/Hour, Minimum $25.00
Abandoned Property 50.00
Copies 1099, 1098 5.00
Duplicate Statement 6.00
Copy of Statement 3.00
Copy of images per page 1.50
Notary Service (customers) Free
Notary Service (non-customers) 1.25
Back-up withholding set up fee 10.00
Returned Mail (per month, per account) 15.00
Account Information    
Accounts* Minimum Balance Monthly Service Charge**
Completely Free Checking 0.00 0.00
Direct Free Interest Checking 0.00 0.00
Fabulous 50 Free Interest Checking 0.00 0.00
Premium Interest Checking 1,000.00 8.00
18/65 Checking 0.00 0.00
Passbook Savings 100.00 3.00
Statement Savings 100.00 3.00
Transactional Statement Savings 100.00 3.00
Club Savings 0.00 0.00
Money Market 2,500.00 10.00
Premium Money Market 2,500.00 10.00
Xtreme Money Market 2,500.00 10.00
IRA Statement Savings 0.00 0.00

*You may be eligible for a waiver or discount of fees relative to your savings account(s) and/or checking account(s) if you are 65 years of age or older, or 18 years of age or under. Please contact us if you qualify.

**Monthly Service Charges apply only if the balance falls below the minimum.